Providing Advanced Training

The research area is relatively new and there is a steep learning curve for new entrants into the field. Towards that end, we recognize that any sustainable research effort must be grounded in a world-class educational framework. Our center will address this by providing two distinct educational mechanisms: a graduate education in smart material systems and an advanced industrial education (short courses, web based tutorials and conceptual demonstrations).

As the number of automotive-related smart material applications grows, the need for researchers who understand these materials will increase as well. Our center will meet this need by providing highly qualified researchers at the MS and PhD levels. Further, our center is expected to influence the automotive industry in the following areas: improved automotive performance, unprecedented safety improvements and enhanced vehicle efficiency. It is envisioned that the methodologies and materials that will be employed in our proposed center encompass the total vehicle. 



Opportunities for Student Researchers

Center students conduct cutting-edge research in collaboration with experts from industry and government laboratories. Graduate Research Associate positions at the MS or PhD level are sometimes available. Interested students should contact Center faculty to inquire on potential opportunities. Preference is given to students with strong academic records who have completed an undergraduate degree in mechanical or electrical engineering.


Center Director

Dr. Marcelo Dapino


Phone: (614) 688-3689


Program Contact

Tommie C. Blackledge


Phone: (614) 688-1864