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Membership and Project Fees

Fee Structure


The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) consists of one representative from each of the companies who sponsor the program as full members. These representatives have the responsibility for evaluating current research thrusts, suggesting new opportunities, providing input on center operations, attracting research partners to the center, and matching center capabilities with unfilled research needs.

  • Members or Affiliates: Companies, Government Agencies, R&D Organizations, and Small Businesses
  • More than one membership is allowed, though the number of IAB representatives cannot exceed two per member
  • Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) establishes bylaws for the Center
  • Invited Observer may attend the closed-door Center technical meetings, but not the IAB meetings. 

Ground Rules

  • At least two membership fees from 2 members for each “umbrella” project are needed.  Note that an “umbrella” project is defined as a cluster of related sub-projects in the same overall research area, though each sub-project may have its own distinct set of objectives. Such projects may last multiple years.
  • If a member wishes to fund a solo (guaranteed, “non-umbrella” type project), that member must pay an additional “project fee” (see the tables below). Alternatively, the member could bring in at least 1 Affiliate to their solo project.


Phase III: Fee Schedule to Ensure a Solo Guaranteed Project


 Phase III: Fee Schedule for Umbrella Project Membership

Notes for “Umbrella” Type Projects in Phase III

  • At least 2 membership fees are needed ($88K/year)
  • If the Affiliate option is exercised, the fee each year is $57.2K ($44K for the Membership + $5.2K for the Administrative Fee (paid by the member) + $12K for the Affiliate).  
  • All fees indicated above are considered a minimum: Members and Affiliates are encouraged to provide supplemental funding to support the research activities associated with their project