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Membership and Project Fees


The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) consists of one representative from each of the companies who sponsor the program as full members. Up to two representatives are allowed per company. These representatives have the responsibility for evaluating current research thrusts, suggesting new opportunities, providing input on center operations, attracting research partners to the center, and matching center capabilities with unfilled research needs.

  • Members or Affiliates: Companies, Government Agencies, R&D Organizations, and Small Businesses
  • More than one membership is allowed, though the number of IAB representatives cannot exceed two per member
  • IAB establishes bylaws for the Center
  • Invited Observer may attend the closed-door Center technical meetings, but not the IAB meetings


Overall Membership Structure (approved by the IAB)


SVC provides companies with several membership options.  All fees indicated below are considered a minimum: Members and Affiliates are encouraged to provide supplemental funding to support the research activities associated with their project.


Solo Guaranteed Project Membership

  • Voted by the IAB
  • If a member wishes to fund a solo (guaranteed, “non-umbrella” type project), that member must pay an additional “project fee.” Alternatively, the member could bring in at least 1 Affiliate to their solo project
  • If the Affiliate option is exercised, the 2019 fee is $61.6K ($40K for the Membership + $5.6K for the Administrative Fee + $16K for the Affiliate). Member companies pay for the Membership Fee and Admin Fee; affiliate companies pay for the Affiliate Fee (project fee)


Umbrella Project Membership

  • At least 2 membership fees are needed ($88K/year or greater)


Affiliate Membership

  • No IAB vote
  • Invited to the semi-annual review meetings and given IP access to one project as well as recruitment access to the graduate and undergraduate students upon graduation from OSU
  • Each Affiliate can join an ongoing or initiated project that is primarily sponsored by a full Member


Invited Observer

  • This category has been defined for companies that choose to actively collaborate with SVC and supply software, smart materials, equipment, and instrumentation of $10K value or more, as well as human support to accomplish the projects
  • Invited to the review meetings and given a window into the knowledge being generated and access to the graduate and undergraduate students upon graduation from OSU
  • Allowed to attend the closed (members-only) sessions, though they have limited access to project reports
  • No intellectual property rights unless the IAB approves it on a case-by-case basis given the unique contributions made by a specific Invited Observer to a particular project



  • This category has been defined for those companies that provide in kind support of $10K value or less
  • Invited only to the “open” sessions of semi-annual meetings
  • No intellectual property rights within SVC and no IAB vote