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Focus of Research Consortium

  • Pre-competitive technology
  • Smart components and sub-systems
  • New smart material-based actuators and sensors
  • New devices for vehicle development work
  • Superior dynamic response + quiet & smooth operations
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced safety
  • Higher efficiency, etc.

The use of active material based composites, magnetostrictive materials, ferromagnetic shape memory alloys, new elastomeric elements, and magneto-rheological (MR) fluid based devices will be the key to achieving force and motion control performance goals including superior dynamic behavior.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Center cooperates with its industrial partners to conduct R&D and education in 4 strategic thrust areas: 

SVC Research Thrusts

Thrust A: Interfacial Mechanisms 

Advanced electro-hydrostatic actuators, adaptive powertrain mounts, interfacial force sensors, torque sensing and actuation, etc.

Thrust B: Adaptive NVH 

Active micro and nano-composites, gear noise control, vibration control of steering systems, acoustic micro-sensors, panels with tunable stiffness, etc.

Thrust C: Safety 

Distributed force sensors, air bag sensor, adaptive seat belt systems, advanced energy absorbing foams, etc.

Thrust D: Energy 

Energy harvesting devices, fuel management, powertrain breathing systems, friction control, efficiency enhancement, etc.

Specific project groups that relate to all strategic thrusts include:


Project Group 1: Interfacial Forces

Project Group 2: Vibration, Noise and Motion Control

Project Group 3: Machine and Material Diagnostics

Project Group 4: Manufacturing and System Integration


The Center focuses on active material based composites, piezoelectric and magnetostrictive materials, ferromagnetic shape memory alloys, and MR fluid based devices, and achieve force, motion, noise & vibration control performance goals including superior spectral bandwidth.  Research will continue on all projects, and new projects will be developed in collaboration with the Industrial Advisory Board and potential members.